Wednesday, April 8, 2009


my brain my brain I cant contain, thoughts of....(sigh..) YOU drive me insane.
this week is it, this shit won't quit, I try to run, and crash into a locked exit.
am I trash or am I the best, alone again the waters I will test.
I hate that we, we cannot be.
I can't stay mad, at least I had, for that I'm glad, but same way I still am sad.
forever missing YOU, because you're trUe, and YOU know I still want to Do It to YOU! :)
I'm all mixed up, I'm all confused, still LOVE you, and don't feel used.
I accept YOU as YOU are, LOVE you the same from near or far.
YOU're still my Fav, YOU're still my pal...for now, all I can do is wish YOU well...



  1. I love this nae..emotional touch

  2. well excuse de hell outta me Naenaeboo, when you got all good n deep at de poetrin. Good stuff dun

  3. thanks thankkks guys... Dener.. idk yo- jus comes to me ery now n then..! :)