Tuesday, July 7, 2009

R.I.P. Michael Jackson

The Late Great KING of Pop went out in style, indeed. His Family came together to celebrate his life along with more than half the world, I'm sure. His filmed memorial was watched by many worldwide. He, Michael Jackson (MJ) will live on through his music forever! I personally LOVE his music, dancing, videos and of course most of his fashions and performance attire. From the Unique jackets, single gloves, suits, dancing shows and white socks with the classic high water pants, MJ was rocking some intense hot gear (most of the time) if you ask me! What I dislike the media's approach on reporting everything they can, on anyone not just MJ, but in his case. Bother him so much when he was alive and then keep digging when he's gone- Do you people have a heart at all? Like really...I personally am not interested in the cause of death, I'm just sad that we lost a great entertainer, the GREATEST, a true Legend!
Rest in Peace Michael Jackson
August 29, 1958-June 25, 2009

Below is msnbc.com coverage of his memorial held today at the Staple Center in L.A. in case you missed it or just want to watch again.

Various Jackets from Michael Jackson tours and events.(front row from left to right):

Hollywood Walk of Fame Black Sequin Jacket, Red sequined jacket, Sequined jacket from the Victory Tour. (back row from left to right):Black Faux Leather Jacket worn to a 1998 press conference regarding plans for proposed theme park “Majestic Kingdom.” Military Jacket worn to the 26th Annual NAACP Image Awards. Black and Red Military Jacket. Red Sequin Jacket worn during the making of “What More Can I Give.” Black and Gold Jacket worn at a 1993 press conference with Nelson Mandela. Silver Sequin Jacket from the Victory Tour.
...I know you love the jackets!! RIGHT,if not... OH WELL, I DO! and I LOVE me some MJ too.. whats songs are my favorite you ask... TOO MANY TO MENTION for different reasons of course.
NAESAY: What's your favorite MJ songs, videos, moments, etc...?
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