Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another Poem of mine: YOU,LOVE

Today makes it a year,
when I left for a bit and you left me in fear,
with these feelings the same as the day you were here.
You brought me back down to the ground,
off the bad high road I was travelling on.
I Love, trying to keep the positivity,
but it seems as if the walls are closing in on me.
Unhelped, strong and brave but so lonely,
ununderstood by many,
my love is crazy.
You and I are too good to be true,
all started with a "i Dare you to..."
Now where are you,
life's hateable sometimes,
but I treasure you and our rhymes.
Good and Bad times.
Sex and adventures,
eachothers mentors, can't love you any less,
I think I LOVE you even more than the first day I fell for

P.S. Sweet dream and a beautiful nightmare,
I wake from to you not there, not here,
stare at the ceiling and suddenly shiver and shake,
heart break,
mistakes that we make,
final debate, not won.
Pray you aint forgot about my forget me nots and such.
From the first moment we touched, intense, bloods rushed around my veins.
He came back again, only to say the same.
He cant pick, he cant choose.
I cant win, he cant loose.
I refuse to be the one loosin me.
Usually my luck really sucks.

P.P.S. I still and will always LOVE YOU, LOVE!
<3 NAE09

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