Tuesday, March 24, 2009


[I 'Janae Alexandra' am looking for International Modeling Jobs and Exposure]

I am so tired of people telling me what to do or what I should do when they have no way or intentions of helping me.
"Oh you should model!"
-Really... yeah I think so too, and uhh MAYBE I Do, just not as much as I would like.
"Why are you still here?"
- Maybe because I have No money for traveling at the moment and you are obviously NOT giving me any.
"How tall are you?"
-Taller than YOU (in most cases)/ and if I say a height and someone says NO YOU ARE NOT... again... I SWEAR!!! lol :)
I'm really mean, if I seemed to come off that way (above)...
I'm just so agrivated with this itch i cant scratch... MODELING and FASHION is ME!
I Love it all so much and am stuck here in my beautiful island home doing odd little modeling jobs here and there. I want to have so many modeling jobs that I can't be booked anymore, I'm so Busy... WURK my ass of, I am SO ready for the challenge!
I'm ready and willing to learn and work and become the best I can be in all that I do.
->Watch and SEE! ;)

There is so much talent here in Bermuda, I think personally... some one should open a REAL agency based here... I would if i could. One that gets the models Paid jobs, international exposure and jobs etc.

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  1. Just get that portfolio done my naenaenae :( - this is your year babes..I know I ask when the hell you're getting out of there a lot, but I make it known from me to you so that it would bother you intentionally, because you shouldn't be there with your talent...and obviously it's not easy - knowing where me and you come from.., yeah? Nevertheless..:) I still believe you'll be on that television one day or catwalk where I shall be screaming your name with no MERCY lol - love you babes :)