Thursday, June 4, 2009


Birthday Sex...Sounds like a PLAN to me... :P hahaa! I love this video and song! Jeremih (male artist) is so on point with this HIT! I've already heard Remixes with R. kelly and one with Fabolous on it. The song alone- not remixed is really nice though, I THINK.
and... NAESAY..can we say SEXY NECK, those of you that KNOW me WELL, know what a neck means to me. In this video they capture his neck in all its sexyness (lol) yeah, he got a nice neck- PROPS! :) lol
The video is put together very well also, not too over done or graphic, it's stylish and sexy. Everything is just so right! I love it...

and... my Birthday's coming up... ;) ;)

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