Thursday, May 14, 2009

Before Tomorrow

Bitch please,
Your on ya knees,
I don't beg or plead.
Your man keep comin back,
Cumin to get sum a me.
I easily please he,
Tired of you indeed he be.
Blame yourself use some creativity,
Stop being silly,
Quit the drama mama.
As you moan and groan,
Grab a snack, sit and watch ya man go roam.
Front row seat see him leave ya home.
now who's all alone?
Not me, she be,
still acting stupidly,
Misery loves company.
So why push him away when you want him to stay
Why piss off unnecessarily and make him think another way
He may find another Lady.
A real true Queen,
That respects, loves and cares for him and many other things,
One he thought he'd never find, an Angel from a dream.

The message i'm trying to relay is...
Grow the fuck up
Sometimes just Shut the fuck up
And you may not get Stood the fuck up
Or Left the fuck out
You'll be blessed with the best,
And forget about the rest.

Love for now not for later...Tomorrows not promised.
So for now I Love you!
...until my last Tomorrow.. <3


  1. "So why push him away when you want him to stay" that's deep good work nae

  2. real talent you shoud do chewstick